Company Profile

Our Mission: Everything about Cleaning and Hygiene


Total Cleaning Systems S.A.

Glass Cleaning is one of the biggest companies in Greece, with a leading position in the production and distribution of professional cleaning products for over 40 years.

Our company offers an Integrated Cleaning and Hygiene system of services and products, distributed through a network of corporate and franchise stores.

Our goal and mission is:

  • To provide the necessary tools to make every business, organization and institution, cleaner, safer and healthier, protecting the environment at the same time.
  • To take care of the places where everybody work, eat, sleep, study, are hospitalized or having fun and stop the spreading of diseases coming from poor personal hygiene.
  • To ensure that the food offered by the food industry is safe for consumption and in accordance with the standards set by the law.
  • To help solve cleaning and disinfecting problems wherever needed.


We provide a wide variety of detergents, paper, disposables, cleaning equipment and tools.

These products are intended for professional use by businesses like hotels, food and drink industry, hospitals, catering, public organization, educational institutions, cleaning contractors.



In addition, we provide services conserning staff training, evaluation of results, the analysis of the purification costs, the participation in the implementation of HACCP systems - GMP - GHP - ISO 22000 and Health Care Instructions developed with the help of EFET.

Our technical support includes value adding services, such as installing and configuring automatic dosing detergent dilution systems, plumbing equipment, service of professional cleaning machines etc.